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Who Is Tim Zachery?


The music of Tim Zachery embodies the many influences of his life…Louisiana jazz, military cadence, classical movements, marching band excitement, deep south funk…just to name a few. His painstaking study of trumpet greats and mastery of improvisation technique solidifies his place amongst musical impresarios past, present and future. It is one thing to hear the stories he tells in his music, quite another to feel as if you’re living them, as he takes you along for the ride. Tim Zachery discovered the trumpet in grade school, or should we dare say, the trumpet discovered him…sought him out like a message seeks out a messenger. He will tell you that it probably saved his life.

With the ability to cushion him from the harsh realities of an even harsher world, the trumpet soon became the love of his life, and making her sing became his purpose.

Tim Zachery was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. He was surrounded by as many inspirations as he was negative influences. One in particular, his middle school music teacher, will forever stand out in his mind as the person that forced him to swim when everyone around him was sinking. After graduating from Peabody Magnet High School in Alexandria, Tim moved on to the lights and notoriety that came with performing in the famed Southern University Marching Band in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and where he was able to rub elbows with hometown greats like Dr. Isaac Greggs, Wynton Marsalis and Alvin Baptiste, The musical blood that flowed through the veins of Louisiana also flowed through Tim Zachery. Tim went on to obtain his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music from Norfolk State University.


A brief assignment in the United States Navy Band gave Tim the opportunity to travel the world and meet other musicians from around the world. His journeys to Africa forever changed him when he was given the opportunity to listen to and perform with African musicians. It appeared the melodic sounds produced by these unassuming artists caused a spiritual awakening of sorts. Can the simple, pure sounds of drums and melodies take you to a place where life changes forever? Absolutely.


A fast proponent of education, Tim Zachery went on to obtain his Doctor of Music Arts degree from the prestigious Indiana University. Learning from the best, working with the best…it is the only way to grow and develop in a world where excellence in performance is the ultimate achievement. Excellence in performance for Dr. Zachery is easy to see. Skilled in all genres of music, Jazz is his heart. But don’t let that fool you. He is as comfortable in the orchestra pit as he is in a dimly lit corner in a smoky jook joint, or on a stage blaring the sounds of the seventies. He has performed with the Virginia Symphony, The Virginia Beach Symphony, The David Baker Big Band, The Right On Band, The Great American Music Ensemble and the Atlantic Fleet Jazz Band, Concert Band, Ceremonial Band and Show Band. Most recently Tim Zachery was selected by the Edwards Instrument Company to represent the company as an Edwards Artist.


Now, as a former Professor of Music and Assistant Band Director at Norfolk State University and current Director of Bands at Prairie View A&M University, Dr. Timmey Zachery is poised to infect as many young people as possible with hope and the love of music that he embodies. In the spirit of the middle school teacher that set him straight so many years ago, Tim awakens every day charged with the responsibility of changing lives through his dedication.

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